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Explanation of the Work

A glimpse into a vast world, sundered by forces from beyond the veil. 

Those who dwell here do so amongst the newly returned gods, lurkers in the void and eaters of the black earth alike. 

Ancient cults and ruined empires, skeletal saints and howling terrors, the awe and dread of heaven and earth.

Bearers of the Mark

Golden skeleton adorned with a red and grey robe with gold details, holding a bunch of keys and bells in one silver keyring. Background is a dark starry sky with nebulaes and tombstones.

Valin Mattheis

Painter and Writer


Born in 1981, Valin Mattheis grew up amongst the rolling hills and gnarled oak trees of California’s central coast, whiling his days away collecting dead animals and training at the temple.
As is the practice and tradition of his kind, he also spent all the time normally dedicated to bettering oneself and securing a place in respectable society endlessly drawing various terrible and inane monstrosities. 


Self-taught painter and writer, freelance artist, and inveterate hermit, Valin worked on countless album covert art, book covers and illustrations, commissions and tattoo designs.

A dark robed skeleton sage, carrying a staff and a lanternm where a crow is perched and an open book while a smouldering black stone tower is in the background

Amandine Sosinski

Creative strategist & Writer


Amandine Sosinski, French imperator with the Midas touch, a powerful and relentless force upon the land. She discovered Mattheis' work in 2015 and started collaborating with him in 2019.

Former funeral director, growing up in a strongly spiritual environment and talking to those beyond the Veil, many seeking reconciliation found their way to her, at the Crossroads, whether alive or departed.

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