Explanation of the Work

The work here is a glimpse into a vast world, sundered by forces from beyond the veil. 

Those who dwell here do so amongst the newly returned gods, lurkers in the void and eaters of the black earth alike. 

Ancient cults and ruined empires, skeletal saints and howling terrors, the awe and dread of heaven and earth.

Bearers of the Mark

Golden skeleton adorned with a red and grey robe with gold details, holding a bunch of keys and bells in one silver keyring. Background is a dark starry sky with nebulaes and tombstones.

Valin Mattheis

Painter and Writer


Valin Mattheis grew up amongst the rolling hills and gnarled oak trees of California’s central coast, whiling his days away collecting dead animals and engaging in petty theft.
As is the practice and tradition of his kind, he also spent all the time normally dedicated to bettering oneself and securing a place in respectable society endlessly drawing various terrible and inane monstrosities. 


He is a self-taught painter and writer, freelance artist, and inveterate hermit. As such, his repertoire of useless skills and vaults of pointless knowledge does stand high, like a glorious and functionless monolith to gods whose faithful have all since gotten jobs and done something productive with their lives that doesn't involve flint knives and entrails.

A dark robed skeleton sage, carrying a staff and a lanternm where a crow is perched and an open book while a smouldering black stone tower is in the background

Amandine Sosinski

Editor and Writer


Amandine Sosinski, the imperator, is a powerful and relentless force upon the land. She grew up and resided in France, so encrusted with ruins and castles, where she engaged for many years in all manner of occupation, most recently tending to the living and  speaking to the dead as a funeral director and medium.
Her education is likewise varied, from art history to the occult, her breadth of knowledge is an unfathomable expanse.


She is a voracious book dragon, a crypt guardian, and a conduit for principalities and powers beyond the veil of tears.
She has her own project, The Feast of the Dead, which honors the sanctity and beauty of Death.