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Inktober triptych, days 20 - 21 - 22: Offering to the hanged oracle in three parts.

$250.00 / Sold Out

At midnight, the long procession started marching back to the hanged oracle.
Imparting his wisdom to the Elders, eternally pointing at the stars, the cortege awaited unrelentingly for their fate to be rasped forth.
The customary sacrifices were bountiful this year.
They would abide.

This is a triptych, a procession of paintings. Cannot be sold separately.
Each of them is 9" x 12" - india ink & gold on archival paper - shipped unframed

Available on November 1st, 12pm, Pacific time.
First come, first served.

Please note that the differences of colors between the paintings is just due to different lights when pictures where taken.