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#Inktober days 23 & 24: The manner of Harmony and Disorder part I & part II.

$90.00 - $180.00 / Sold Out

As the clamor of the crowd roars from the wooden tiers, the knights face each other.
Death or mercy, death or mercy.
Both, my Lord, as we all know there’s no end to this purge.

These two knights can be purchased separately (in the options below) or together, as they form one painting.
If you choose to support one knight and not the other, you must be warned that whomever gets the other half is forever bound to you.
Fate wrote in its scrolls for you to be arch nemesis, for one cannot exists without the other.

Both are 9" x 12" - india ink & gold on archival paper - shipped unframed

Available on November 1st, 12pm, Pacific time.
First come, first served.